Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Spinning Workout 2 - Cadence (45 minutes)

Here it is: my first spinning podcast. I wanted to share this workout because I know how convenient it is to have a prefabricated playlist, with appropriate tempos for keeping cadence and everything, but I've had trouble finding playlists with music that I actually like (for example, fitpod is a great resource, but I don't really enjoy the music). So I wanted to provide a full workout for people who don't have access to cycling or spinning classes, or who prefer to do their workouts outside.

By the way, this is the same workout that I taught the other day at Genesis.

The General (4:06)
: Warm up

Inside Out (3:38) : Seated, (3), focus on cadence : Pick up cadence at chorus : +(4) on 2nd verse, time trial : Up on bridge, keep good cadence : Down, pick up on final chorus
Breathing (3:38) : Quick legs (3) : Pick it up at chorus : Up, +(4) at 2nd verse : Pick it up at 2nd chorus : +(5), quick legs : -(4), down at final verse : Pick it up at final chorus : Accelerate through last repetition of chorus to end (about :25)
Machine Gun Song (2:50) : -(3), back off, but still quick, even cadence : +(4), at first chorus (BANG BANG!), keep cadence going : +(5) at bridge : --(3) at coda : +(4) at chorus : +(5) at second bridge
She (4:01) : --(3), spin it out : +(4), cadence, power output : +(5), at chorus, maintain cadence : -(4), back it off a little at outro
Ammunition (3:46) : -(3), spin it out : Get cadence going at beginning of music : Pick it up at chorus : +(4) at 2nd verse : Pick it up at chorus : Pick it up at final chorus : Accelerate to the end
Standing in the Way of Control (4:16) : Back it off, leave at (4) : Quick legs : Accelerate at the refrain : Jumps on 2nd verse : Stay standing, accelerate at refrain : Sit down, back off to normal cadence at bridge : Jumps on 3rd verse : Sit down, accelerate through refrain
The Middle (2:45) : Back it off, -(3) : Quick legs : Sprint at first chorus (:12) : +(4), up : S sprint at 2nd chorus (:12) : Down at instrumental : Sprint to end (:24)
Redemption (3:06) : Back it off, -(3) : Quick legs : +(4) at chorus : +(5), up at 2nd verse : +(6) at 2nd chorus : -(5), down at change of section
I Wanna Be Sedated (2:29) : Climb in (5) : Jumps at chorus : +(6) at 2nd verse : Jumps at chorus : Up, stay up : +(7) at modulation : --(5), at 4th verse : Jumps at chorus
Everlong (4:10) : Descent with sprints
The Swimming Song (2:33) : Cool down
The Gypsy Kings (4:18) : Stretching

Note: Click on the title to be taken to the podcast audio file.


Jeanne said...

I got a great workout at home today on my new spinning bike, thanks to your coaching! This podcast was just what I was searching for! I just shared your site on facebook and twitter in hopes you get the hits/visits you deserve! MANY THANKS!

nathan said...

Came across these the other day and absolutely loving them. Thanks so much and keep them coming please!!! Really makes me push myself on the bike.