Monday, November 10, 2008

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Podcast . . .

You know how difficult it is to do Tabata intervals on the bike by yourself? It's a frickin' pain in the butt. I did a set the other day, trying to balance my stopwatch so I could see it the whole time, trying to push through every interval when I was ready to stop after two, trying to look at the time through the pain.

So I thought I'd give my fellow cyclists a little help in this respect. Set your bike up on the trainer and get ready to work!

(For more on Tabata intervals see the following:

Tri Harder Podcast: Tabata Intervals

Spinning Workout 27 - Sweatfest

Have I ever mentioned that the middle-aged women of my cycling classes are often uninspired by my musical selections? Um, to the point that they have walked out in the middle of class. "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't take that music!" they say. I don't understand. Muse, Less Than Jake, Yellowcard . . . it's good music!

Anyway, the music of this podcast was all selected from a pool of what I thought my class would accept. So lots of 70s rock, with a few more modern songs that have the same sound and feel.

Now without further ado:

Spinning Workout 27 - Sweatfest
One Way or Another (3:29): Warm up
Gimme Gimme Gimme (4:50): Warm up
White Room (4:57): Terrain track
Born to Run (4:31): Climb
I Believe in a Thing Called Love (3:36): Terrain
Hit me With Your Best Shot (2:51): Spin
More Than A Feeling (4:45): Terrain
Life in the Fast Lane (4:47): Chase
All Right Now (5:34): Terrain w/ big climbs
Dani California (4:40): Spin
25 or 6 to 4 (4:53): Climb
Kyrie (4:26): Cool down
Dream on (4:28): Stretch

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spinning Workout 26 - Slow Burn

Spinning Workout 26 - Slow Burn 

One Sweet Love (3:59) - Pre
Working for the Weekend (3:25) - Warm up
Supermoves (4:49) - Jumps
Welcome to the Jungle (4:34) - Climb
We're in Heaven (3:55) - TT w/ bursts of high cadence spinning
Mustang Sally (3:59) - Standing TT
Mama Told me not to Come (3:20) - Climb
Paranoid (3:03) - Fast spin w/ standing sprints
Time After Time (3:27) - Ride into wind w/ quick spinning in between
I'm Outta Love (3:49) - Hard TT w/ standing intervals
Under Pressure (4:04) - Hard Climb
Come to Me (2:49) - Cool down
The Story (3:58) - Stretch

Oh guys. Get ready for this one. This is one of those workouts where you think, "Am I going to make it all the way through this?" My cycling classes and I had a lot of fun doing this one together.

I recommend that you start with pretty high resistance on your trainer, enough that you can feel a little bit of push in your lowest gear. That should give you room to get enough resistance on the climbing tracks. And if you're on a stationary or spinning bike, you don't even have to worry about that!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spinning Workout 18 - Rollers

A new workout! Woohoo!


Higher (3:55): Pre
What I'm Trying to Say (3:23): Pre
Porcelain (4:01): Pre
Rockin' the Suburbs (4:29): Warm up with one light climb; +(5), up @ 2nd chorus; -(4), down @ last chorus
Karma (4:18): Moderate to high climb; +(5) @ beginning; +(6), up @ verse, stay quick; +(7), stay quick @ “I remember when”; -(6) @ chorus; +(7) @ “I remember when”; +(8) @ 2nd time through chorus to end
Hey Baby (3:29): Descent; quick break to coast and bring resistance back down; beginning in (3), easy, quick spin; small increase every 64 counts (just enough to feel a little change); at (4)-(5) @ chorus; in (4), easy, quick spin; small increase every 64 counts; (4)-(5) @ chorus; quick in (5) at chant; add a little bit @ last chorus; pick up tempo @ 2nd time through chorus
Can't Stop (4:29): Moderate climb; intro to cruise, build to cadence; in (5) or just a little above, find climbing rhythm; add a little at 2nd half of verse; +(6), up @ 2nd verse; add a little at 2nd half of verse; down in (6) @ bridge, guitar solo; +(7), up @ last verse
Way Away (3:22): Descent; coast @ intro; begin in (3), easy, quick spin; add a little resistance @ 2nd half of verse; pick up tempo @ chorus; back off tempo at MT; +(4) @ 2nd verse; add a little at 2nd half of verse; pick up tempo @ chorus; back off @ bridge; add a little resistance every 16 counts; pick up tempo @ chorus
Satin in a Coffin (2:37): Moderate climb; ++(6), up, @ verse; +(7) @ 2nd time through verse; standing recovery @ slow bit; follow rhythm as it builds speed; back off resistance, cruise as music fades
The Machine Gun Song (2:51): Descent; in (4), match cadence; +(5), up @ chorus; -(4), down @ 2nd chorus; +(5) @ bridge; up @ next verse, stay up until end
Everlong (4:11): Descent; in (3), build to cadence; add a little at full entrance; add a little more every 32 beats during verse; don't add at MT; add every 32 beats during verse; +(5), up @ chorus; repeat sequence; rest during quiet interlude; build during song build; +(5), up @ last chorus
We're Not Gonna Take It (3:35): Moderate climb; stay in (5), down, quick; +(6), up @ chorus; down @ 2nd verse; +(7), up @ 2nd chorus; -(6) @ guitar solo; +(7) @ last chorus; -(6) @ fade
Carbon Monoxide (3:10): Moderate to hard climb; find rhythm in (6), standing; sit, maintain rhythm (adjust resistance if necessary) @ 2nd verse; +(6), up @ chorus; -(5), down, at quiet part; +(6), up @ chorus
I Ain't Saying my Goodbyes (3:43): Hard climb; cruise during intro; find rhythm in (6), up, @ full instrumental intro; add a touch @ 2nd time through verse; +(7) @ chorus; option to climb seated @ instrumental break; +(8), everyone up @ chorus; extra credit addition @ “you don't get upset,” stay consistent
Are You Gonna be my Girl (3:39): Cool down; cruise @ beginning; if you want to spin out quick on the descent, also acceptable
Somewhere Only We Know (3:57): Post