Monday, November 10, 2008

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Podcast . . .

You know how difficult it is to do Tabata intervals on the bike by yourself? It's a frickin' pain in the butt. I did a set the other day, trying to balance my stopwatch so I could see it the whole time, trying to push through every interval when I was ready to stop after two, trying to look at the time through the pain.

So I thought I'd give my fellow cyclists a little help in this respect. Set your bike up on the trainer and get ready to work!

(For more on Tabata intervals see the following:

Tri Harder Podcast: Tabata Intervals


Me said...

Hey Jamie,

I would love to be able to put these on my ipod. Itunes tells me that it is not a valid address. Any help would be appreciated!

Kelly said...

I can't understand what you are saying the music is too loud when you are speaking.