Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spinning Workout 28 - Endurance

Ha! Finally!

This workout is all about endurance. I tried to write it as a base-building workout with a little intensity. There are easy spinning sections, hard time trials, seated climbs, and standing climbs. There are also some overspeed sections to force you to turn a fast cadence (almost 140 RPM); if you want, you could also try those sections as one-legged drills, switching legs every minute. The main thing is to get some cadence/drill work into the base building period.

Try to keep everything in high zone 2/low zone 3. Probably won't make it the first time, but I hope that as you get more and more fit this workout will keep you right in the sweet spot of base building intensity. Or you can just go balls to the wall the whole time, just like you might in an actual spinning class.

Spinning Workout 28 - Endurance

I Woke up in a Car (4:13) - Something Corporate (107 BPM)
I Want You Back (2:58) - The Jackson 5 (100 BPM)
Walk This Way (3:32) - Aerosmith (104 BPM)
Heart of Glass (4:34) - Blondie (110 BPM)
Relax (3:56) - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (115 BPM)
Canned Heat (5:32) - Jamiroquai (128 BPM)
Beep Beep (6:29) - Beep Beep (132 BPM)
Kiss Kiss (3:24) - Holly Valance (98 BPM)
How Bad do You Want it? (3:45) - Tim Mcgraw (88 BPM)
If Looks Could Kill (3:41) - Heart (79 BPM)
Burning Up (3:47) - Madonna (137 BPM)
I Get Around (2:13) - Beach Boys (148 BPM)
The General (4:07) - Dispatch (90 BPM)


2 Cutie Peas + 2 said...

I love your podcasts! Please keep doing them!
Thanks so much!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the podcasts! They are awesome!

DivaDog said...

We woke up to 14" of the white stuff on the ground today in NJ. I was wondering how I was going to makeup the spinning class I missed on Friday so I searched online for "spinning podcast" and your great site popped up. I just finished your most recent ride and it was just great. Thank you so much for giving of your time and yourself so freely. Now I have an excuse to dust off the bike and get moving at home!

Nancy in NJ

Elizabeth said...

I've been waiting for a new one from you, thanks!!

Anna Newman said...

Hi, I live in Fiji - suffice to say spin classes are not available ... but bikini bodies are expected! I love your work outs.... please post more or let me know where I can download older ones. I LOVE Spin, but would never do it without the instructions. THANK YOU for your time and effort doing these. They are FANTASTIC!

tracy said...

hi! i am newish to spinning and think i might have a slight addiction at this point. i have been looking for free spinning podcasts and stumbled upon your site. i did my first solo workout today with #27 and it was fantastic! great music and great workout! are you still doing these? thank you so much for the ones you've done so far.

Tracy in NC

Lizzy said...

THANK YOU SOO MUCH, absolutely love your podcasts..all the way from UK!

ulu said...

Hi, I love your workouts, I do them all the time when I'm away and I can't catch my spinning class.

Some of the songs are not what I would choose, but they work anyway.
Your instructions help a lot, they keep me motivated.
Hope you make some new workouts soon!

Literary Lions said...

Hi Jamie:
Any chance you could list the artists in Workouts 26 and 21?
Couldn't download the list as an mp3 so went to itunes. Not sure which artists/tracks you used.

Love your playlists-they keep me energized.
Happy 2011!
Libby Mueller
Ridgefield, CT

meloptica said...

i just recently found your blog and love love love the spin podcasts.
i am really hoping that you plan to post more in 2011 - sooner then later!
if you are looking for requests - how about a podcast that does a 1 hour pyramid?!

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I really enjoy your spin podcasts. You are really great! Better than the gym class.

Trek 7.9FX

Bhayz said...

This is great! I did spinning a few times and loved it but couldn't keep with the class schedule. Lately my kids and I were looking for a way to workout together and decided to readdress the spinning! Unfortunately our schedules wouldn't line up again with the instructor! I decided to check for something online to at least get us going and found your site! Can't wait to use your latest (endurance) one. I'm actually starting to train for a mini-tri this summer and a half-marathon at the end of the year! Thanks Jaime for the podcasts! I'll let you know how I do!

Chris Painchaud said...

Thanks a lot for this. Was really a great workout when I couldn't get to a spin class. I would never push myself that hard without you pushing me!

Meeka_Inc said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! A awesome spin class to go with my Lemond Revmaster spin bike! If I had to d it in my own, I would be lazy and give up!! Thanks again, Julia (Australia)

kristina said...

Thank you so much, I really enjoy your spin podcasts! Thank you for sharing them!!!

Gary Fumeaux said...

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